Archive 2018

2018 (Volume 3 Number 2)

  1. KD Construction Company: Bidding and Cost Estimation
  2. Developing and Implementing an Airline Stores and Purchases Accounting System: A Case Study of PIA
  3. Dealing with Gender Disparity in Educational Setting: A Case of Primary Schools in a Karachi’s Town
  4. Evaluation of Brand Equity for Automobile Car Industry: Perception of Customers in Karachi
  5. Analysis and Solutions of Career Problems: A Case of Fresh Graduates of Industrial & Production Engineering
  6. HR Personnels Perception for the Importance and Success of Social Networking Sites Integration in Recruitment
  7. Exploring Authentic Leadership In Relation To Job Satisfaction in Public and Private Sector Universities
  8. An Analysis of Exchange Rate, J Curve and Debt Burden in Pakistan: An Analysis of Bound Testing
  9. Achieving Software Release Management and Continuous Integration using Maven, Jenkins and Artifactory
  10. Islamic (Sukuk) vs. Conventional Financing: Analysis of Profitability


2018 (Volume 3 Number 1)

  1. From Mutualized Exchange to Investor-Owned Demutualized Entity: The Case of Pakistan Stock Exchange
  2. Implementation of Microsoft SQL Server using ‘AlwaysOn’ for High Availability and Disaster Recovery without Shared Storage
  3. Express TV: Competing In a Cluttered World of Media for Consumer Preferences and Viewership Patterns
  4. Consumer Willingness to Use Digital Coupons: A Case of Karachi Market in Pakistan
  5. Implementing an Effective Cost Control Strategy at Stations: Case Study of PIA
  6. A Qualitative Study on Development of Enriching Performance Management System at a Pharma-Company
  7. Paid Academic Writing Services: A Perceptional Study of Business Students
  8. Organizational Factors, Teachers’ Professional Development and Teaching Practices: Findings From Female Elementary School Teachers
  9. Status of Wonder Women: Challenges for Young Future Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan
  10. Mitigating Risk of Failure by Expanding Family Entrepreneurship and Learning from International Franchising Experiences of Johnny Rockets: A Case Study in Pakistan