Archive 2020


2020 (Volume 5 Number 1)

  1. Analyzing Hotel Customer Experience through Big Data Method: Samples from Hotels in Antalya and Istanbul
  2. Long Run Relationship Between Exports, Imports and its Determinants of Medical Instruments: Case of Pakistan
  3. Validating Learning Organization in the Medical Profession: A Preliminary Analysis
  4. Stover’s Augmented Proximate Determinants of Fertility: A Regional Analysis In Pakistan
  5. Pedagogical Use of ICTs in Public Teachers’ Training Colleges of Karachi
  6. College and Career Readiness through High School Experiential Learning in the United States
  7. Determinants of Working Environment and their Influence on Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Banking Sector
  8. Exploring the Effects of Teacher Education on Teacher Quality and Student Achievement in Pakistan
  9. Local players giving a run for the share to a global giant: A case study of Pampers brand of Proctor and Gamble Pakistan
  10. Drug Money and Economy: A Case of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  11. Mothers’ Perceptions of the Role of Preschool in the Development of Self-Regulation Skills in Children
  12. Impact of Terrorism on Students: A Case of Secondary School Students in District Bunirdents in District Bunir
  13. Adoption of IT Infrastructure to Enhance The Environmental Sustainability: Case Of Supply Chain Businesses