Archive 2019

2019 (Volume 4 Number 2)

  1. Game of Eyeballs: What Should Be Above and Below the Fold of an E-Commerce Website: A Biometric Study
  2. RAZMIN by Qureshi Enterprises: Competing with the Secret Sauce of Competitors
  3. Dormant Account Reactivation at Al–Shajar Capital
  4. ATM & Biometric Solutions: A Case Study
  5. Modernization of Education in Pakistan: A Case Study
  6. Learning Organizational Practices and Job Satisfaction: A Case of IT Sector of Karachi
  7. Causes of Time and Cost Overrun: A Case Study of Health Sector Projects in Peshawar, KP
  8. Do Macroeconomic Factors Effects CARAMELS Financial Soundness Indicators? A Context of Non-Life Insurance Industry in Pakistan
  9. Interdependencies of Stock Index, Oil Price, Gold Price and Exchange Rate: A Case Study From Pakistan
  10. Correlation between Programmed Learning and Metacognition: A Study on Experiential Learning Perspectives of Secondary School Teachers
  11. Stimulating Unceremonious Mobile Learning: An Empirical Study of Business Students
  12. Issues of Distance Education Tutors in Pakistan: A Study on Print-Based Distance Education
  13. Highlighting the Dynamics of the Game-Changer: Empirical Evidence from Stock Markets of the Key Players


2019 (Volume 4 Number 1)

  1. TheUnipedia.Com: Fit or a Misfit?
  2. Antecedents of Trust: A Case study between Karachi and Dubai Facebook Shoppers
  3. Issues and Challenges in Managing Catering and Food Retail Business in Karachi: Study of Tikka Inn Caterers
  4. Audience Preferences and Popular Program Patterns on News Channels in Karachi
  5. Should we Build Mega Transport Project in Cities? The Case of TransPeshawar Pakistan
  6. Factors Affecting Employee Performance: An Investigation on Private School Sector
  7. Islamic Rules and Strategies to Bring Peace in Community
  8. Impact of Green In-Store & Green Supply Chain Processes on the Performance of Large Retailers in Pakistan
  9. The Experimental Study On the Effectiveness of Social Media Ad Campaign: Like, Comment, Share
  10. The Effects of Firm-Specific Factors on the Financial Soundness by using CARAMELS Framework Indicators: A Case of Non-Life Insurance Industry of Pakistan
  11. The Role of Gender in Employee Retention: A Study of Private Hospitals in Karachi
  12. CSR, From Perception to Role in Performance: A Case Study of SMEs in Industrial Estate Peshawar, Pakistan